Custom Compact Thermos Flasks

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  • Compact Insulated Tumbler, customizable and easy to carry.

Custom Compact Thermos Flasks/ Insulated Tumbler, with heat insulation properties.

Easy to carry around, perfect to hold your drinks, eco-friendly and durable.

A good choice for your company’s promotional products.

If you need anything special, please let us know.


350ml( about 12 oz) capacity, 16.6 x 6.5cm( about 6.53″ x 2.55″) in size.

Remember to specify the color you want when requesting a quote( The default color is black.)

Custom laser engraving design.


If you need different specs, feel free to ask in the quote.

We will try our best to get you what you need.


You are also free to customize the packing box for your product.

We offer many choices. Feel free to choose from the most basic paper packaging to deluxe packaging with buffer cushion.

You can also choose to put your design on the product, packaging, both, or have no design at all, it’s all up to you!


No minimum quantity is required.

Larger the order, the cheaper the unit price.

If you need more details, feel free to request a quote.


*Different batches of products may have slight differences in size and appearance.