Terms and Conditions (PRESSMII Policies)

Welcome to PRESSMII. When you are placing an order, all legal constraints between us and you will be based on our Policies. When you use the website, you are deemed to agree to the following provisions. In the following texts, PressMii will be referred to as Seller, the customer will be referred to as Buyer.

1. About uploaded files

The Buyer is responsible to upload requested files that have met the specifications that the Seller has made. Once files have been uploaded by the Buyer and the order has been completed accordingly, the Buyer will NOT be allowed to cancel the order. Unless an agreement has been made between the Seller and the Buyer, the Seller will not be allowed to modify the files uploaded by the buyers. If there’s anything wrong with the files, unless it’s been clarified by the Buyer before the production of the order, the order will be made normally and the Buyer should pay in full.
For the files that are not able to be processed(wrong format or file error), the Seller reserves the right to not finish the order. Please pay attention to further notice after placing an order.

2. Copyright

PressMii respects the copyright of any content creator. The Buyer is responsible for the fair use of the content of the artworks they submitted. If the Seller receives any copyright claim within the files you submitted, the Seller reserves the right to not continue the production of the order.

If you find any pictures/files on the website that violates your copyright, please contact us. We will remove those pictures/files immediately.

3. Cancel / Refund Policy

As long as the request has been fulfilled by the Seller, the Buyer will not be able to cancel the order. The Buyer needs to be a member of PressMii.com for any refund service, any refund without a proper reason(i.e the Seller failed to follow the Buyer’s request within an order) will cost an extra 15% processing fee. If an order was made by online payment, the order will not be suitable for a refund (unless stated otherwise before the order.)

Pressmii reserves the right to adjust, refuse or remove your order at our sole discretion.

4. Delivery

The address that the goods will be sent to will be the one the Buyer as stated in the order(unless stated otherwise). The Seller reserves the right to merge one or more products into a single package, and the Buyer shall not reject the package. The Buyer should film the whole opening process of the package for any potential refund in the future, the footage can be used as proof that we did not deliver the requested product or the product has been damaged. In this case, we will offer free reproduction of the order.

Due to the complexity of custom products, the productions time for every order will be slightly different. The delivery time will be the product’s production time+package delivery time. It’s normal for your delivery time to have a deviation of about 1-2 days. If your delivery time is still within the deviation range, no refunds will be allowed.

5. Account Recovery

If due to website maintenance or other reasons(if the account wasn’t verified for over a week) that caused a user’s account to be deleted, please inform Admin using the Contact Us page. We will be happy to give you back the Reward Points that you have earned.

6. Refund Claim

Any refund claim shall be made within 7 days after delivery to obtain a full refund or free exchange of goods. If there’s any defect caused by the Seller, we will be happy to help with your refund or exchange for you.

7. The deviation and expiration for redeemed points

There might be some slight deviations for the redeemed points due to decimals. We are sorry for any inconvenience.
All of your redeemed points will expire in 60 days, please use them before expiration.

8. Other Conditions for Refund

I   Color Accuracy Difference

We use the gang-run printing technique, therefore, it’s normal to have about 5% of color differences between the final product and the artwork you submitted. It’s caused by the limitation of our machinery and as you placed your order you will be deemed to acknowledge that you can’t get a refund for this reason.

II  Defective Files

If we have found any issue within the artwork the Buyer submitted, we will notify the Buyer. However, we will not tamper with the file by ourselves (unless an agreement has been made). Therefore, the Buyer should be held responsible for any defect caused by their file, and the Buyer will not be able to refund for this.

III Delivery issues

For any package lost or damaged in transport, the Buyer should offer photo evidence within 7 days for any refund claim. For further information, please check Section 4.

IV Online Wallet

For any refund regarding the online wallet, if the Buyer wants a refund after receiving their gift, a 10% handling fee and the cost of the gift will be deducted from the refund. If the Buyer did not receive any gift for their deposit, then only a 10% handling fee will be deducted from the refund.