Custom Diatomite Coaster(3pcs/set) – Pick your design!


In Stock
  • Coasters made of diatomaceous earth, practical and good-looking.
  • Pick from our designs, make your own set!
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Job Summary

We will email you a link to a PDF proof within 6 hours.

Eco-friendly and highly customizable Diatomite Coaster.

The high moisture absorption rate makes it highly resistant to mildew, perfect for keeping your coffee table dry.

Its deodorizing function allows it to not worry about lasting smells left by your drinks.

Highly impact-resistant, perfect to replace your traditional ceramic coasters.


Shapes: Round(default), Square

Size: 10 cm(3.93“) in diameter(for both shapes)

Printing Method: Color printing

Three pieces a set, you can choose different designs for each piece.

There will be more designs in the future, so stay tuned!


If you need more details or different specs, please contact us.

*If you want blank coasters, please inform us while ordering. (You can pick them while ordering)

*Due to the nature of our machinery, some ink might spill to the side of the coaster, please request a quote if you want special treatment to remove those ink.

*In the online design field, please extend your designs’ background color to the cut line(red line), and leave your important graphics inside the green line.

*Due to the special property of diatomaceous earth, large color blocks in your design may look uneven in the final product. To avoid this problem, order ceramic coasters instead. (You can order them by requesting a quote or contact us)

*The standard production process will take about 7-10 workdays.

*Different batches of products may have slight differences in size and appearance.

*None of the above factors can be used as a reason for a refund.